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An interactive demo of the Concordia system was released. More details: link.


The first version of the Concordia project is out!


English version added.


Changed main picture.


Site update for winter semester 2013/2014.


Site update.


Site update for winter semester 2010/2011.


Site created.

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about me

Rafał Jaworski My name is Rafał Jaworski, welcome to my home page. First, a few words about myself. I graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. I also graduated from PhD studies at this Faculty. I have PhD degree in mathematics, specializing in computer science. Currently I work at the Faculty at the position of Assisstant Professor. I conduct scientific research and teach classes. Materials for my classes are available in the "Teaching" section.

In my scientific work I combine computer science with my other passion - linguistics (as a Polish native speaker I also speak English, Spanish, German and some Italian). My main area of interest is computational linguistics. This is further described in the section "Science".

I am the developer of the Concordia project - a full text search library best suited for Computer-Aided Translation. Be sure to visit its home page at:

I also have numerous other interests. You can read about them in the section "Relax". The section "Contact", on the other hand, contains my contact info. Feel free to browse the page!